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Sell Our Collection

If we do not have a rep in your area below, we've partnered with Faire to offer online wholesale ordering and Net 60 terms to all others! For a limited time, you can also receive $100 credit and one year of free shipping to my line when you open your account on Faire here.

Our Reps

Carina Murray (OR)

tel. 503-516-1804

Kendra Warren (Northern CA)

tel. 415-425-1773


Christine Shelly (Southern CA)

tel. 818-929-7771

Alex Hurley (MD, DC & VA)

tel. 240-472-0925

Deva Ruggiero (MA & RI)

tel. 781-248-8987

Teresa Mudryk (IL)

tel. 773-928-1226

Karen Jorgenson (OH)

tel. 740-503-1115



Custom Wedding Dealer
We rely on our dealers to sell our custom work through a curated network of stationery stores across the country. We want clients to experience our products first hand, guided by those who know our line as well as we do.

For more information about the custom wedding line, contact us by phone at 419-345-8045 or by email at



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